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Back in 1999, the directors of Rainstorm WA created Sunhawk “the Hydromulchers” to tackle the highly competitive hydromulching market in Perth and WA. Within 5 years Sunhawk established itself as hydromulch leader in Perth and has been since. With a clear vision and sense of direction, Sunhawk has dedicated itself to its equipment and staff and has slowly grown to an organisation big enough to service all of Western Australia. We can provide our customers with emergency mobilisations, mobilising within 24 hours upon receipt of the order, anywhere within the big Western State.

Over the years we have designed and built a fleet of specialised hydromulch equipment. This allows us to tackle any area, large or small, in a quick and efficient way. We are equipped to apply a variety of products, including our propriety blend, via high capacity water cannon, fan or boom sprays, hand-held hoses, and off-road vehicles. Our “go-anywhere tonka trucks” allow us to reach the areas that no-one else can get to. All our equipment is operated by experienced and qualified personnel.

In the last 20 years, Sunhawk has provided hydromulch and other products for WA’s biggest civil contractors, councils, mining companies, and residential owners. Our application methods allow us to apply up to 10 hectares a day, which is why today we are still the leader in WA hydromulch. It is our aim to keep improving our products and to explore new technologies to continuously upgrade our equipment. This way we aim to sustain our excellent service to WA and its people.