Principally applied to large, sandy tracks of land such as those opened up by property and land developers, government departments, civil contractors and mining companies, Hydromulch is applied to suppress windblown dust, prevent wind erosion, improve appearances, and accelerate re-vegetation and/or environmental rehabilitation.

Hydromulch is a mix of water with recycled newspaper or woodfibres and other additives suited for the particular purpose. Additives might include selected seeds and fertilisers for re-vegetation, dyes for colouring the surface, and/or a variety of tackifiers (such as Gluon 240 to extend treatment life cycle).

It is an extremely effective and economical method of binding sand and soil surfaces to prevent erosion and dust emissions.


Hydroseeding is a quick and affordable option to revegetate large areas. By adding area-approved seed species to a hydromulch mix we can, in one application hold the top soil in place until germination. After germination the roots will dig into the soil underneath the hydromulch and stabilise the area once the hydromulch has disappeared.

We always encourage rehabilitation with native seeds where possible but we can apply a wide range of different kind of seed, from rye grasses to lawn grasses. Our in-house team creates site-specific blends to suit the conditions, to promote seed germination and encourage native seed regeneration.

Our specialised application rigs and range of on-road and off-road trucks enable us to apply other products, like liquid topsoils or woodfibre mulches.