We believe that successful revegetation is the most important part of the rehabilitation process. We encourage all companies with this issue to use native seeds to restore the disturbed areas back to their original state. Over the last twenty years we have perfected our methods to ensure successful rehabilitation of large areas. It is important to note that rehabilitation is much more than solely planting some seeds.

First, choosing the hydromulch base is important to ensure successful germination. We offer three options:

  • A paper-based mix for fast-germinating seeds on a nutrient-rich soil.
  • Proganics which is ideal for slow-germinating seeds that need more protection and more nutrients in the soil.
  • A Gluon based mix, especially designed for dry, WA desert conditions. The membrane is water permeable but reseals after rain to lock the seeds in position.

Secondly, the soil base will need to be prepared so once the seeds germinate the roots will find plenty of nutrients to feed on. We can provide soil conditioners, such as AgZyme, which can be applied before or during the hydroseeding process.

If you are looking at rehabilitating an area, please contact our office for a free consultation. We strongly suggest that a soil sample is taken from the site before starting any kind of revegetation works.