Sunhawk offers a complete dust control solution to its clients. Controlling dust on unsealed roads and yards plays a big part in this. We can cut out the need for maintenance and watering on unsealed roads and yards for the duration of your project, freeing up your water carts to focus on other areas. If your unsealed roads change regularly we can include an additive to your water cart runs to extend the life of water.


Dustmag is a hydroscopic liquid solution applied to unsealed road or yards. It is an extremely durable dust control treatment and a very effective stabilisation and compaction agent. DustMag is made in WA and has saved incredible amounts of water that is normally used to control dust on unsealed roads and yards.

We provide a supply and install service of DustMag all over WA. One application can last up to 3 months and won’t require any maintenance or watering afterwards. It is ideal to protect your unsealed roads which are used by large machinery moving sand on a daily basis.


DustJel is a SAP (Superabsorbent Polymer) used as a short term water extender. When added to the water for dust control management on roads it will hold a high molecular weight resulting in slower evaporation times.

Only small amounts are added to the water – it can be applied at a ratio ranging from as little as 1:50,000L to 1:20,000L. This could decrease water use by up to 50%.

A custom designed and built dosing system directly connected to the water cart can make the mixing process as simple as the click of a button.